About us

The Office of Population Health Improvement (OPHI) seeks to improve the health of Marylanders through the integration of a high performing public health system with value-based health care in order to improve the health of communities and reduce unnecessary health care spending.

Strategic Goals

  • Promote sustainable, evidence-based strategies in public health and health care to address multiple determinants of health.
  • Develop advanced primary care models and improve access to primary care.
  • Monitor the health status of communities and establish targets for improvement.
  • Support community based organizations and local health.
  • Fund, accredit, and monitor the performance of local public health.
  • Improve the quality of public health services.
  • Increase access to care in rural communities.
  • Promote healthy living in childhood and across the life course.
  • Provide leadership and expertise to the development of School Health programming.


Focus areas


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Last updated: 2017 March 20