Quality Improvement


Quality Improvement Office supports continuous public health process improvement. This is accomplished through training and customer service. OPHI supports quality improvement through a deliberate and defined activities that are responsive to community needs, improve population health, and supports the objectives of Public Health Accreditation.

What does the program do?

  • Engender leadership commitment by communicating the importance and value of quality improvement.
  • Facilitate employee empowerment and commitment by identifying quality improvement advocates.
  • Support continuous process improvement by providing periodic training.
  • Encourage teamwork and collaboration by leading quality improvement projects.
  • Focus on customer service by seeking and using feedback from customers.
  • Build a quality improvement infrastructure by institutionalizing quality improvement into Public Health Service’s structure.

Where can I learn more?

For staff of Public Health Services (PHS):

For those learning to build a quality improvement program:

Questions or comments may be directed to: dorothy.sheu@maryland.gov. For our updated contact information, please refer to the toolbar "Popular Links" for the "Staff Directory."
Last updated: 2017 June 6