Staff Directory
Welcome to the Office of Population Health staff directory. The Population Health Team strives to improve access and quality of health care throughout Maryland. Please reach out to me or my staff with any questions or comments.
Jennifer Newman Barnhart, MPH
Director, Office of Population Health Improvement


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Population Health Improvement (Director)
Population Health Improvement, Core Funding, LHICs (Deputy Director)
Population Health Improvement, Core Funding (Fiscal Officer)
Population Health Improvement, (Medical Director)
School Health (Coordinator)
School Health (Intern)
Primary Care, NHSC, Nurse Corps (Director)
Primary Care (Health Policy Data Analyst)
Rural Health, SLRP, MLRP, J1 Waiver, HHS (Director)
Rural Health, SLRP, J1 Waiver (Coordinator)
Rural Health (Intern)
Health Care Transformation (Director)
Performance Improvement, Accreditation, Local Health Officer Roundtable liaison (Director)

State Health Improvement Process (SHIP), Quality Improvement (Manager)
State Health Improvement Process (Data Analyst)

State Health Improvement Process (Research Analyst)
State Health Improvement Process (Intern)
State Health Improvement Process (Intern)


Last updated 2017 June 8